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Belly: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Ancient Abdominal Knowledge is a 30 day web-based training program that teaches women how to have a better relationship with themselves.  It’s an effective program with strategies to remove barriers, strengthen power and regain control of feminine health.  Primal practices with a modern twist.  Put an end to embarrassing situations, unspoken conflict and suffering quietly.  Learn to address reproductive and digestive issues with fresh eyes and gain new skills that will increase your self confidence.

Who should take Bodies By Becca’s Belly program?

If you want to learn ways to take back control of your reproductive and digestive health and unlock the mysteries of the belly.  If you’re willing to dive into the root cause and explore the unknown for the sake of growth and healing.   Feelings like grief, anxiety, depression and sadness live in the belly and will fester and breed disease if they are ignored.  No longer will these issues be swept underneath the rug to be forgotten.  If you’re feeling alone and wondering if your experiences are normal but you’re too nervous to reach out for help.  You must be willing to do to the work necessary for transformation.  If you answer yes to these questions, this course was made for you.

Do you suffer from painful or irregular periods?

Are you stick of being at the mercy of medical professionals while on your fertility journey?

Are you struggling to release trauma?

Is your stomach always upset for no apparent reason?

Do you have endometriosis, PCOS (polycystic ovary symdome) or ovarian fibroids?

Are you no longer able to work out or do the things you love for fear of peeing yourself?

Are you searching for ways to connect to the divine feminine and feel good in your own skin?

30 Days to a Better Relationship to Yourself Includes:

  • Belly dancing
  • Uterus positioning
  • Relationships and boundaries
  • Ways to connect to the divine feminine 
  • Healing from trauma and past experiences
  • Releasing  what no longer serves you
  • Proper alignment of the pelvis
  • Stretching techniques
  • Maya abdominal massage
  • Sacred sex practices
  • Breath work
  • Self reflection
  • Embracing your period

How does the program work?

The guide is set up with daily lessons and homework.  For 30 days you will receive an e-mail to a link with that days instruction.  Everyday is different, can you an expect one of the following:

  • Video-based training
  • Worksheets
  • Rituals
  • Journal prompts
  • Informational readings
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Meditation or mindfulness cues
  • Ancient practices

I’ve also included links to products you might find helpful.  I have taken into consideration products that support causes for women’s social equality.

Belly:  A Modern Woman’s Guide to Ancient Abdominal Knowledge was created with transformation in mind.  In the comfort of your own home you can begin the journey of stepping into your power.  It’s up to you to make the change you want to see.  This program will give you the tools necessary to take action steps to a new way of life. 

Many times the woman I work have been searching for an answer for a long time.  They have been to doctors, tried that procedure and are still left with unresolved issues.  By the time they find me they are ready to be listened to and are ready to try different approach.  Belly is designed to address the whole system, it encompasses the mind, body and spirit.  If one of those are out of alignment, there will be dis-ease.  It’s about finding balance in all these areas so the body can operate efficiently and heal it’s self.   

A Sneak Peek, most common misalignments of the hips

Who will be guiding me along the way?

Belly is lead by Becca Hall, a rebel with a cause.  She has been working with clients of their healing journey since 2004 in a private practice.  She is a massage therapist, personal trainer, wellness coach and owns an ecommerce business that works with fair trade artisans, local businesses and those that give back to the Earth.  She specializes in women’s reproductive and digestive systems.  Mother of two children, both born at home.  Long time lover of travel, food, dancing and plants (especially medicinal ones).

It starts with body devotion and awareness.  This course will require a commitment to yourself.  I am here to guide you with support so you may turn deeply inward.  My hope is that you will be asked to stretch and grow, which can be uncomfortable at times.  It’s time to be brave and accepting.  The more time and energy you give to these practices, the more effective they are.  

Do you want to know a bit more?  Read on…

Can I do this program while I’m pregnant?  

Yes, you can.  There are a few practices that are contraindicated while pregnant,  yoni eggs and steams.  For the self-care massage portion, you’ll need to wait until for second and third trimester to do.  You may need to modify your position for comfort.  There is plenty of valuable information you can utilize.  This program is wonderful for postpartum bodies!

I have an IUD, what do I need to know?

There will be a few tools you will not be able to partake in.  The yoni steam is not a good idea for you.  It aids in eliminating the contents of the uterus and I’m guessing that you want to keep that in.  The self-care massage portion will need to be modified.  You will be able to do the top portion (digestion) but will need to avoid the bottom uterus massage.  This is to make sure the uterus doesn’t get punctured.  

How much time each day will I need to devote to this program daily?

It is about 20 minutes of lesson time daily.   If you are getting the most out the program, you will want to do add these practices to your daily routine.  The amount of the time you spend is really up to you.  I can tell a huge difference when clients are using these techniques.  The more the merrier.

What are the ladies saying?

Rachel Costello testimonial | Joyful Journey Ayurveda                 Anne Paulson’s testimonial

Upon completion of this course, you will have a better understanding of your feminine body, actions steps to gaining control of your health and cognitive practices to rewire the brain.  It will blend the ancient rituals with a modern day way of life.  You’ll get in touch with your sexuality, cultivate self-confidence and get to the root of reproductive and digestive ailments.  

I’m Ready to Sign Up

“The uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually”    

-Don Elijito Panti  |  Ancient Mayan Healer, Shaman, and Master of Medicinal Rainforest Plant Medicine