Client Stories

“I’ve been visiting with Becca over the last 5 years on a professional level and can say without a doubt I’ve never had a more dedicated massage therapist before her.  Becca keeps a file on me and reviews them before our sessions.  I work a desk job and over the past few years have really had some emergency and debilitating pains, Becca makes it a point to get me in on short notice and I’ve walked out of every session with immediate pain relief.  She is constantly self educating and bringing new techniques into her practice.  The quality and care I receive from Becca are unmatched in any of my previous massage therapist relationships.  I would and do recommend her again and again to anyone from the experienced goer to novice recipient, her ability to make you feel relaxed and ready to intake is magical!”

Diane Bonvallet


“I have been seeing Becca consistently for over four years for massage therapy and recently for Maya Abdominal massage.  She has seen me through many ups and downs, both physically and emotionally.  Becca always knows the treatment I need and I leave the appointment altered; I am at peace when I need calming and energized when I was feeling down.  Becca takes the time to speak with me during each appointment and provides coaching and recommendations to help with a variety of situations.  I will always and forever appreciate the treatment and friendship she provided to me over the years.”

Missy Sweet

Rachel Costello | Joyful Journey Ayurveda

Becca Hall is a gift, am I am afraid to say that I cannot properly express my gratitude for how much she has helped me. She is a dynamite massage therapist and, always the student, is continually gathering knowledge and bringing that to the sessions. Many sore shoulders, tweaked knees, and battered quads & hamstrings have been nursed back to fitness by her expert hands. She is also gifted when it comes to making a person feel welcome and relaxed.

However, her approach to massage therapy extends beyond helping alleviate aches and pains, because just as important as the massage itself, is the discussion before and after the session. And we, her clients, are so much better for it.

When I first started seeing her I did not anticipate that there would be homework, but here we are. And how my perspective has shifted because of it! I now have a much stronger appreciation for how our mental health directly affects our physical health, and vice versa, and how to use one to help the other.

Because of our discussions, and the aforementioned homework, I have been given tools to take into other parts of my life. Tools I can use to tackle adversity, manage my depression, and generally improve my overall mental and physical health.

I have already said that I cannot adequately express my gratitude, but believe me it is not hyperbole when I say that Becca has been one of the most positive influences I have had in my life.

Nick Richter
My first massage with Becca was gifted to me by our female friends who threw a blessed baby shower for me when I was pregnant with our second child, Rosalind. Becca’s talent and touch for the pregnant body is unparalleled in my experiences with prenatal massage: her work around my hips, shoulders, back, and belly, enhanced with aromatherapy, and her familiarity with the way women’s bodies shape-shift to grow babies relieved and enriched my pregnancy experience. Pausing with Becca as Rosalind grew within me – receiving her gifts of attentiveness and perception, strength and healing, compassion and inspiration- and dwelling in her warm, peaceful massage studio for the hours we had scheduled nurtured in me a wholeness I will never forget. My daughter certainly has benefitted from Becca’s gifts. As I reflect on my Bodies By Becca experience, Rosie crawls all over me, gazes deep with her inseparability and need, and I’m feeling drawn back to Becca once again for that relief and enrichment, wholeness and kindness so therapeutic in every stage of motherhood.
Mary Hammerbeck
English Professor

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