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Embracing the In-Between

Do you ever have those moments, when you’ve done the work and you’re just waiting for it to pay off?  It’s the whole “hurry up and wait” syndrome.  Well, I’m in the in-between phase and I’m trying to embrace it.  It’s hard though, because… Continue Reading “Embracing the In-Between”

Living With The Seasons: Winter

I haven’t left my house in a few days and only then it was just long enough to walk my dog.  The weather has been a force to be reckoned with.  A blizzard, mountains of snow, cars in the ditch = loss of wanting… Continue Reading “Living With The Seasons: Winter”

Driven By Purpose

Happiness is a goal so many of us chase.  It is a state of emotions including life satisfaction and subjective well being.  Happiness just doesn’t happen, it comes from thinking, planning and pursuing the things that are important to us.  Setting and working towards… Continue Reading “Driven By Purpose”

Holiday Season + Self-Care

Self-care tips for surviving the holiday season

Follow Curiosity to Find Your Way

The innocence of being a child, the willingness to be open to new experiences existed without a care in the world.  Exploring, learning and inventing was something that happened everyday. How are you supposed to know what you like if you don’t try it?… Continue Reading “Follow Curiosity to Find Your Way”

Smelly emotions and memories

The sense of smell has the ability to transport you and recall long lost memories.

Silence Negativity, inner critic battles

Things have been weighing heavily on my mind and heart. The day after I launched my online self-care business to my inner circle, I received news that my ex boyfriend of seven years, the man I moved to Florida with and bought my first… Continue Reading “Silence Negativity, inner critic battles”

Mindful Consumption

It all starts with awareness. Humans go about their lives, doing all of the things but not really ever being present for most of it. Mindfulness is being aware, flexible and open in a non judgmental way. The secret to being observant is to… Continue Reading “Mindful Consumption”

Pleasure Seeker

Pleasure Seeker: What feels good?

Financial Self-Care

Start a relationship with $