Embracing the In-Between

Do you ever have those moments, when you’ve done the work and you’re just waiting for it to pay off?  It’s the whole “hurry up and wait” syndrome.  Well, I’m in the in-between phase and I’m trying to embrace it.  It’s hard though, because I’m impatient.  Not like I used to be, this has been a lifelong lesson for me.  You keep on getting the same lessons over and over until you figure it, right… 

Concepts of the in-between

There’s the impending doom stage, where we fear the worst.  Trying to keep those gremlins in check is difficult because they are tricksters, full of lies and deceit.  They sneak up on us when things are dark and quiet.  Worry creeps in…  We must be ready to combat that shit with positivity, which to an untrained brain, can be exhausting.  It’s hard enough to watch what we say, to reframe how we think is some next level action.  To curb those thoughts and replace them with gratitude, faith and trust requires near jedi-like powers.  Practice…

The in-between phase can also be glorious, a time of limitless possibilities.  It is here we will find a world filled with bright and shiny ideas.  We lose ourselves daydreaming of all the glittery things that could be.  How the days would be filled of nothing but fun and pleasurable moments.  This is a powerful place to be in, curiosity opens us up to possibilities.  It’s important to not get fully consumed here though.  It’s like trying to get a kid out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.  We still need a reality check.

Don’t forget

This in-between phase is not even possible if we have not first planted some seeds.  By that I mean, looked around for possibilities and engaged with them.  You can’t expect change if you don’t change anything.  Plain and simple.  I don’t feel sorry for you if you hate your job and you haven’t looked around for a new one.  If you haven’t actively sent out your feelers into the arena to tangle, it’s not going to happen. 

This blog post has reminded me a song by Stuart Davis, Nothing In Between.  He’s very talented and has always pushed himself outside of the box.  

So, while I’m here waiting, semi-patiently for my fruit to ripen here’s what I’m doing…. 

Getting ready to receive it

You need to make sure you’re open to receiving.  For example, if you’re single and looking for a lover, would your house reflect that?  If your dreamboat or bombshell arrived today would they feel welcome in your home?  If you’re wanting more money, are you able to manage what you already have?  If we expect to receive what it is we’re asking for, we better make it feel welcomed.  Get out on the tarmac and direct that goodness right where you want it.  Like my grandma says, “prior proper planning”.

If you’ve done that, get your body and mind strong.  Removing limitations from our thoughts.  If we want to someday climb a mountain, we better be fit for the task.

After the welcome party, comes sustainability.  Talk about forward thinking.  Think of any possible tweaks that would have to come to your routine that will require a shift.  Get all the ducks in a row so that it can come easily and effortlessly.  When the moment comes, you finally got what you’ve wanted, what needs to be done to make sure it doesn’t slip through your fingers? 

My mind is clear, my body is getting stronger and I lay in wait.  Like the lioness ready to pounce on a delicious zebra.  Willing my prey to come closer.  Pumping myself up to dominate.  Embracing the stillness and all the feelings that arise when change is in the air. 

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